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Getting back in your body…

… the first step to achieving optimal wellness Recently, during a wellness class I realized that before you begin any self-care technique, the first thing you have to do is get back in your body. But what does that mean exactly? Getting back in your body means simply being aware of physical signs (good, bad,

Wellness and kindness go hand-in-hand

I’ve been pondering the meaning of wellness these past few days and how all-encompassing the topic is. Often I think of physical health first when it comes to wellness. Questions like, how do I feel in my clothes, how much do I weigh, am I eating healthy foods, how many times did I exercise this

Awareness and the power of the mind

Over the past few months we have discovered the foundations of the Body~Mind connection through the language of the body, power of our thoughts, befriending our emotions and the quiet voice of our spirit. So, what’s next? If you’ve read previous posts or know me professionally, you’ve heard me say: baby steps matter. Small steps

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