9 Simple Self-Care Tips

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

There will always be something going on that sucks our time, attention, and resources. It’s the nature of life. But we must remember that time is life

Our wellness shouldn’t be put off until the latest project gets done, the kids are grown, or God forbid, retirement. 

As a culture we can improve making the most of the now, and that means taking care of yourself starting today.

Self-care isn't a luxury that requires trips to a fancy spa or a spendy gym membership. Instead,  self-care is a mindset that creates a balanced, fulfilling life. 

Start small and remember it will be a work-in-progress. Learning to implement small acts of self-care throughout the day, week, and month, creates a positive impact on your body, mind & spirit that will truly transform how you live.  


  1. Become body aware. Our body is amazingly adaptive to life’s stimuli. It’s designed to adapt until it no longer can. This is when we fall ill. Getting sick, aches and pains, and other ailments are our body’s way of saying to us, ENOUGH. Believe or not, your body sends you messages to let you know things are out of whack long before you get in trouble. Make it a priority to observe your physical state of being throughout the day. Try to give yourself 5 minutes each day to breathe deeply and “check in” with your physical self.
  2. Nourish your body with fresh healthy nutritious foods. Notice how you feel after a meal that is mostly vegetables and lean protein versus a carb heavy and/or fattening, sugary meal. Likely you will feel energetic and alert after a healthy meal instead of lethargic, bloated or headachy. It’s worth the time and effort to pack healthy snacks and a lunch and avoid making unhealthy choices during your busy day. This way you also ensure you won’t get overly hungry and irritable, aka “hangry” which makes us grab the first snack available and it usually isn’t healthy.
  3. Move your body! Choose the stairs. Purposely park your car a bit farther to get some steps in. Build in a 15 minute walk during your work day. Try stretching for 5 minutes each morning or evening. Of course, an hour long fitness class would be fabulous, but it’s challenging to devote the time. Instead, look for opportunities throughout the day to move. All these small efforts add up significantly at the end of the day. Movement not only helps your physical health but gives you an added benefit of emotional wellbeing. 


  1. Take 5 minutes to create a positive outlook. It can change a bad day to a good day. This can be as simple as jotting down 1 thing you’re grateful for in that moment.
  2. Ponder what’s blocking you from implementing changes that will enhance your overall wellness. Be willing to seek support for help when needed. Self reflection might seem intimidating, but start small. Going for a walk by yourself and observing your thoughts is a simple way to start.
  3. Befriend your emotions, both positive and negative, and allow them to move through you. Emotions are a natural part of living as a human being; they are neither good nor bad. It’s what humans sometimes do in the midst of negative emotions that get us into trouble. Avoid stuffing, ignore or side stepping through forms of control. Instead, try to observe objectively and with empathy (similar to how you might observe a child) the emotions you’re feeling, and remember that you won’t feel that way for long. Emotions are like weather; they come and go.


  1. Seek meaningful and purposeful spiritually driven activities/connection. Reading, journaling, even yoga. Spirituality is known to increase resilience and overall well being. 
  2. Start a spiritual practice to reconnect with that deeper part of yourself. Do a mindful walk in nature and/or gather with social groups with whom you can relate. Many people find a spiritually-focused support system helpful.
  3. Start a meditation practice by doing 5 minutes of deep breathing. Set a timer, focus on your breathing in and out. As thoughts creep in (and they will), simply observe that thought, then go back to your breath. Be in your body and notice the little movements: how your chest expands, the belly deflates, how the air feels moving in and out of your lungs. These simple observations will keep you in the here and now.  

Self-care is a basic phrase that when put into practice, brings about significant health benefits The most important thing is to commit to self-care, even something small, everyday. Remember, no one else is going to prioritize your self-care; you have to be your own advocate. As a wellness Coach, I encourage you to pause and reflect what you’ve just read. You have already taken the first step by downloading these tips. What can you implement starting today? I look forward to supporting you in your journey of living well. If you are ready for targeted support and accountability to help you transform your health habits, contact me at 503-560-0446 today for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Take good care,