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thoughtful recentering

Are you LOVING yourself enough?

February – the month of love! How are you showing yourself some LOVE? This year take some time to focus on you. You will feel better from being kind to yourself. Most of us are navigating from a place of not being good enough. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • If I was thinner then I would do ______.
  • If I had more energy I would _____.
  • If I had more time I could _____.
  • If I worked for a better employer I would be______.
  • I should be ______.

We do an awful lot of “shoulding, coulding, and woulding.” READ MORE...

New beginnings, new year!

I love the new year. It’s the ideal time to contemplate what’s working well and an opportunity to review what needs to change.

What changes have you been considering for 2018? Are you going to leave behind unnecessary stressors, unhealthy habits and negative feelings about yourself?

What’s the catalyst for this change? I hope it’s because you want to feel better physically and emotionally, not because of a recent medical diagnosis from your doctor.

Whatever you’re faced with, remember changes need to align with your beliefs and values in order to create positive and lasting impact. Take some time to do some deeper internal work. 


Massage an investment in you

Make the most of your session

Are you new to the idea of implementing massage therapy to your self-care plan? Maybe you’re just learning to prioritize this healthy habit. Or perhaps you’re pretty seasoned and always book your next session because you know the benefits of nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. Wherever you land on the spectrum, you know how hard it is take the time out of a busy week.

Yay, you, for making the time, and showing up to climb on the table!Time and money are both valuable resources, often in short supply.  Have you ever considered how to maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) with your massage therapist? READ MORE..

Wellness for the overwhelmed, be a proactive self-advocate

Landmines come in many forms, both wonderful and difficult. Opportunities like a long awaited work promotion, moving to your dream house, an exciting new relationship…. or personal challenges such as aging parents, divorce, illness, or burnout. Personally, I find it rather challenging to jump off the hamster wheel when I’m in a perpetual state of overwhelm.  READ MORE...

Getting back in your you body...

Is the first step to achieving optimal wellness. Recently, during a wellness class I realized that before you begin any self-care technique, the first thing you have to do is get back in your body.

But what does that mean exactly?  Getting back in your body means simply being aware of physical signs (good, bad, or neutral) that indicate what is going on with your whole being.  READ MORE...

Wellness and kindness go hand in hand

I’ve been pondering the meaning of wellness these past few days and how all-encompassing the topic is. Often I think of physical health first when it comes to wellness. Questions like, how do I feel in my clothes, how much do I weigh, am I eating healthy foods, how many times did I exercise this past week and how much do I hurt? READ MORE...

Awareness and the power of the mind...

Over the past few months we have discovered the foundations of the Body~Mind connection through the language of the body, power of our thoughts, befriending our emotions and the quiet voice of our spirit

So, what’s next? If you’ve read previous posts or know me professionally, you’ve heard me say: baby steps matter. Small steps toward positive change have a large impact on long-lasting transformation. READ MORE...

Discover the missing peaces, integrating your body~mind connection...


The Body~Mind connection is really a personal journey of profound self-discovery. Stress management skills help us move through life’s circumstances without completely losing our sanity. 

As we grow and expand, we start to let go of the thought that “life happens to us” and instead learn the perspective of “life is for us.” In theory, it sounds simple: keep body, mind and spirit in balance and we will feel good and be happy. We all know this is easier said than done. Life is hard – it’s the pain of being human. READ MORE...

Healthy body equals healthy mind and spirit!

Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far. In the previous two blog posts, we stopped to notice how pain and/or discomfort manifest physically when stress overtakes our life;  how the mind can induce intense emotions from perceived stresses, and how the body physically reacts as if these perceived stressful situations are truly happening. 

These emotional and physical reactions to stress can be scary at times. READ MORE...