Energy Work

Cultures have studied the energy centers of the body for thousands of years. We know from scientific studies that all things vibrate at different frequencies. The human body emanates energy called the biofield out to about an arm's length all around the body.  Energy work can help free up stagnant energy within the body and its energy field. These blocks and/or stagnation from unresolved feelings, old beliefs, traumatic life experiences can negatively impact mental and physical well-being. Energy work is a way to move these invisible blocks, stagnant or sluggish areas within the body’s energy systems and boost overall well-being. 

Body~Mind Integration - is a holistic experience that supports the whole person to harmonize the body~mind connection. This is a collaborative process between client and bodyworker using observation, mindfulness, and the present moment to experience the connection between body and mind. This helps to bring awareness, integration, and a release of negative emotions from the body. 

Reiki - Also known as “laying on of hands” that harmonizes the natural healing process of the body to promote physical and emotional well-being. It is a gentle process that helps reduce stress, promote relaxation and support the body on all levels