Traci W.

 "Thank you from the bottom of my heart! My first "Wellness" visit with Michele, priceless. In fifteen minutes Michele taught me to how to: create healthy boundaries, be present in the moment and mindfulness. Michele, my week has been AMAZING. 3 deep breaths. Thank you!" 

Nichole P.

 “Massage enhances my efforts to be conscious of me and taking care myself, so that I can better give to people when they need me.I was nervous going into Michele’s studio the first time since I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I can’t wait to get there!  What I love about Michele is she asked me questions and got to know me.  She took it slow and made sure my massage experience was what I needed.  If only there were more people like Michele!” 

Becky D.

"The Gua sha treatment that you did for me was just what I needed! All of the symptoms I was having have been gone since my last massage. Thank you so much- you are awesome!"


Gail L.

Michele is outstanding in at least two areas. First, she is flexible in her approach to my needs, every time. She checks in with me and uses a broad array of techniques that adapt to my body’s current circumstances. This ability is based on her solid understanding of body structure and function; she’s constantly taking additional coursework. Secondly, she creates a safe, comfortable, and calming space. Her draping skills are unsurpassed; my modesty and comfort is preserved while permitting her access to do her work. And she preheats the table on those chilly days! Thank you, Michele, for keeping me healthier all these years.” 

Jennifer N.

“I used to be that person who thought a massage was just a way to pamper myself. Even though I’d read how massage really helps your overall health, I’d only indulge a couple times a year. About 6 months ago, I decided to commit to monthly massage because of chronic problems with my hamstring. Along with massage and doing weekly yoga, the tightness has decreased so much. Thank you, Michele!”  

Colleen H.

"Michele has been my massage therapist for more than 8 years.  She is professional, caring, sensitive and always learning new techniques.  The atmosphere in her massage room is very relaxing and comfortable.  She knows the perfect approach to sore spots and is very aware of her clients' sensitivity.  Michele listens carefully to her clients and what they want.  Her massages are, by far, the best in the valley and I wouldn't go anywhere else."